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Foam Cutting Software

    1. Cutting Software (Programming Software for Foam Cutting)

      Our foam cutting software is functionally powerful, easy to use and easy to control. This makes programming and cutting more efficient. It enables complete cutting of graphic designs and provides functions to make the design process easier.

    1. CNC Control Software

      With CNC control software, multiple cutting machines could be online monitored, controlled and operated by single person.

    1. Automatic Nesting Software

      MUYE Pint Auto-Nesting software provides automatic nesting, calculation and automatic cutting path creating solutions.
      Support the input of DXF format drawing or files.

    1. Automatic Nesting Calculating and Cutting Optimization Software

      Automatic nesting calculating and cutting optimization software can enter the AAMA and TIIP files of clothing templates, DXF files, PLT files, as well as DXF files in accordance with required path modes.