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Automatic Nesting Software

1. MUYE Pint Auto-Nesting software provides automatic nesting, calculation and automatic cutting path creating solutions.
2. Support the input of DXF format drawing or files.
3. More Tile computing methods, including unilateral common-edge, bilateral common-edge, mirror,turn-over and auto-tiling calculation, allow an improved foam utilization rate by 3%-10%, and a reduced nesting time cost, which is only 10% of the manual nesting time.
4. MUYE Pint Auto-Nesting software provides calculation towards bi-circular fitting path, so optimized cutting path could be figured out. Meanwhile, due to the special processing features of sponge, auto-nesting software saves much crucial information during path calculation, like, off-cut size, so in further treatment, knife return point, knife grinding point and lubrication point, etc. could be well ensured. Thus, finished product’s quality will be improved as well.

During calculating the paths, special marks will be made to foam feeding and discharging places and its repeated moving path. So in the actual cutting process, cutting speed could be lowered when moving to feeding and discharging places, and increase the speed in repeated path. Thus, an efficient cutting could be finished.

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