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Foam Cutter(Horizontal and Vertical CNC Contour Cutting Machine, Model HV6)

This particular version of CNC foam cutter can cleanly cut almost any geometric pattern wanted, and the pattern can then be used in a variety of industries.

Materials that can be cut
PU, PU soft foam, sticky foam, latex, rebond foam, Basotect, frame foam, PE


Technical Parameters
HV6 Standard Option
Length of the foam block 3000mm 4500mm
Height of the foam block 1250mm
Width of the foam block 2200mm
Work table Lengthening work table
AC power 380V 3phase 4wire
Total power 5KW
Max cutting speed 10m/minute
Cutting precision ±0.5mm
Cutting tool -Pressure of the blade is 6 bar
-Stroke of the blade is48mm50Hz
-Size of the blade is0.5mm×3mm×2300mm
-Oscillating speed is 3000t/minute
Operating option -modem (can do remote diagnosis and maintenance)
-automatic programming software
-computer console
Max cutting speed Depending on different materials,  the max cutting speed of HV6 is15m/minute.
Details of Horizontal and Vertical CNC Contour Cutting Machine, Model HV6

HV6 foam cutter is Muye’s foray into the world of contour cutting centers. This horizontal and vertical CNC contour cutting machine has impressed users with its high cutting speed and precision. When combined with user-friendly control, this CNC cutting equipment becomes a highly efficient and flexible tool for any contour cuts. In addition to making great horizontal and vertical cuts, it can also perform a complete cutting of nearly any outline, as its optional turntable greatly increases the range of its applications.

1. The foam cutter is suitable for cutting foam in small batches, but can still cut in complex designs.
2. This is a new model, with a reasonable designed gearbox, internal mechanics that are fastened together more firmly, and an improved cooling performance.
3. A new electrical cabinet makes use of space within the worktable, which means it occupies less space, while still maintaining a high efficiency.
4. Our machine has a brand new transmission system, which improves the stability, synchronization, and cutting precision.
5. Its movable console makes it easy to observe and operate.
6. Each of our new contour cutting machines belong to the same series, and can all work in conjunction with each other. The automation level is higher (meaning they have automatic blade adjustment, automatic zero calibration, automatic searching of the processing range, and pre-judgments on oversteps), and production efficiency is also improved.

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