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Foam Cutter(Horizontal CNC Contour Cutting Machine, Model H5)

With this counter cutting machine, producing a clean cut geometric profile is easy, and the pattern can then be used in different industries, including automotive, upholstery, packaging, building, daily products, and more.

Materials that can be cut
Polyurethane, HR+CMHR, PU flexible foam, sticky foam, latex, Basotect ®, rebond foam, frame foam, and polyethylene.

The horizontal CNC contour cutting machine can cut any number of shapes, including lengthened blocks, 2D or simple 3D patterns, wavy, curved, and a plethora of regular and irregular shapes.

Technical Parameters

Standard Option
Length of the foam block 2200mm 2300mm
Height of the foam block 12 50mm 1500mm
Width of the foam block 2200mm 2300mm
Work table Rotating work table
AC power 380V 3 phase 4 wire
Total power 5KW
Cutting precision ±0.5mm
Cutting tool - pressure of the knife is 6 bar
- stroke of the knife is48mm50Hz
- size of the knife is0.5mm×3mm×2300mm
- oscillating speed is 3000t/minute
Operating option -modem (can do remote diagnosis and maintenance )
-man controlled rotating work table
-automatic programming software
-computer console
-absolute value control system
-automatic angle adjustment
-hanging control panel (optional)
M ax cutting speed Depending on different materials, the max cutting speed is usually15m/minute
Details of H5 Foam Cutter

The H5 horizontal CNC contour cutting machine is one of our newest foam cutters, and is the most user-friendly. Using CAD or AUTOCAD, inputting your desired patterns is fast and easy. A large digitizer table is an optional accessory for the foam cutter, making it useful for operators who have difficulties creating computer generated patterns, and allowing them to hand draw the desired pattern. The next step is to cut the hand drawn pattern into paper at a 1:1 ratio, and place the paper on the digitizer table. Use the curser to trace the pattern, and then input the pattern into the computer, using different functions, such as copy, auto set type, label, enlarge, and shrink.

This particular CNC foam cutter uses as much material as possible to eliminate cutting waste, and because there is no need for a cutting mold, time and efforts used for making a mold are disposed of. The final surface of the cut product will be smooth, and won’t be distorted by punching machines. Muye’s contour cutting machine is suitable for producing single products in large quantities, or producing a number of different products in smaller quantities, and is a necessary piece of cutting equipment for the foam processing industry.

1. With a high level of automation, the foam cutter is capable of completing basic cutting tasks.
2. The rotary working platform features unlimited rotation.

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