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Foam Cutter(Horizontal CNC Contour Cutting Machine, Model H2)

This horizontal foam cutting machine can cut both simple geometric patterns and large quantities of foam blocks.

Materials that can be cut
PU, PU soft foam, PUR HR foam, sticky foam, latex, rebond foam, and Basotect ®

The horizontal foam cutter can cut just about any shape, from lengthened blocks and 2D or simple 3D products to wavy, curved, regular, and irregular shapes.

Technical Parameters
Standard Option
Length of the foam block 2800mm 4500/6000mm
Height of the foam block 1200mm 1400mm
Width of the foam block 2100mm 2300mm
Work table Lengthened work table
AC power 380V 3phase 4 wire
Total power 5KW
Max cutting speed 10m/minute
Cutting precision 0.5mm
Cutting tool -pressure of the knife is 6 bar
-stroke of the knife is 48mm50Hz
-size of the knife is 0.5mm×3mm×2300mm
-vibrating speed is 3000t/minute
Operating option -modem (can do remote troubleshooting and maintenance)
-automatic programming software
-computer console
Max cutting speed Depending on different materials, the max cutting speed is10 m/minute

Muye’s H2 foam cutter is a horizontal CNC contour cutting machine which performs neat, simple cutting on foam commonly used by upholstery, packaging, daily uses and more. As a CNC cutter, it is best suited for cutting large amounts of sponges into blocks, and this contour cutting machine works well with ordinary vertical cutting machines. After the worktable is lengthened, it wastes less material and its working efficiency increases.

1. This CNC foam cutter is suitable for the manufacture of massive products in various shapes.
2. The working platform is conveyor-like, and is extended to facilitate loading foams while building an assembly line.

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