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  • Muye Machinery Co., Ltd is a family owned operation that has specialized in the development, production and sales of CNC foam contour cutting machines for 10 years, and we have a solid reputation as a foam cutting manufacturer on the domestic market, which allows us to branch out and provide our services to clients worldwide.

    Founded in 2004, we cover an area of 11,000 square meters, and our location is in the city of Rugao, Nantong. Transporting our materials is convenient with our close location to both Shanghai airport and Nantong airport.

    Professional Design Team
    Our design team has a wealth of knowledge and experience in both production and development. Being a family owned company, our experiences and lessons have been handed down from generation to generation. With the leader who has been in the foam cutting industry for over 20 years, we are able to use his knowledge and judgment when it comes to mechanical designs. Our own experience permits us to provide a better design in our wide variety of products, a low maintenance rate, complete foam cutting solutions and methods for manufacturing contour cutting lines.

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  • History

  • Our company began as a small, individually owned workshop run by Mr. Miao Lin, our current manager's grandfather. Through the years, management was passed from generation to generation until it was passed to Mr. Miao Xiaolong, who founded Muye Machinery Co., Ltd. as it is today. The development is deeply ingrained in the generations of family members that began in a small workshop in 1957.

    Mr. Miao Lin, our first manager, registered and set up a hardware repair workshop in Dingyan Town.

    Rugao Dingyan Mechanical Tooling Plant was established, from which the current company was founded.

    Miao Lin, Miao Yi, and Miao Xialong applied for the utility model patent certificate for continuously variable transmission devices, and finally succeeded in November of 1999.

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  • Certificates

    • CE Certificate
    • Utility Model Patent Certificate for the CNC Foam Contour Cutting Machine
    • Utility Model Patent Certificate for the 3D Foam Cutter
    • Invention Patent Certificate for the CNC Foam Cutting Equipment
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  • Located in Rugao, Nanton, Muye Machinery Co., Ltd is committed to developing and producing CNC foam contour cutting machines. As a leading manufacturer of contour cutting equipment in China, our foam cutters have become popular both in China and around the world. We were founded in 2004, we cover an area of 11,000 square meters, and employ 50 people.

    Please follow us as we take you on a tour of our company.

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Nantong Muye Machinery Co., Ltd.

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